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We are saddened to report that as of 2012 FADD will be losing its current funding.  If we are not able to secure other funding sources, FADD services will be ending.  If you would like to help please contact us!  We want FADD to stay!

Welcome to the official FADD House website!  Check out the links on the left to find out about meeting times and programs.  This website is constantly being updated and improved so please keep checking for information about the latest events.

Much to often, parents of children who develop emotional problems are unaware of the services available to them.  They often feel alone in trying understand both what is happening to their child and family in addition to finding services to assist them.......  

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to talk to that has been through it before?

ATTENTION!  Would you like to be on the FADD Board of Directors? For more information see the "About Us" page. 

ATTENTION! Do you know a young person who would like their artwork featured in our newsletter? If so, contact FADD! 

Reminder of Upcoming Special Events:

Want the latest information on ADHD as is becomes available? Go to www.ADHDnews.com


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Help Raise Autism Awareness!  Watch the video link and 40 cents will be donated to the Autism Speaks Foundation.  Your contribution will fund research studies that will help find a cure for Autism.




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